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A spaceship themed dungeon crawler inspired by Doom RPG. Made in 7 days for the Dungeon Crawler game jam. Use stealth and cunning to outsmart enemies. Each gun has unique properties that allow for tactical gameplay.

Game Developed by Ruben Tipparach
Music by Ryan Rauch

Note: Future updates including polish to make the movement system smoother are already under way, a few quality of life and gameplay changes will be published as soon as voting ends!

Follow my itch page or twitter for when the new update comes out and future projects: https://twitter.com/RubenTipparach


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The Dark Forest in Heaven v1.1.zip 55 MB

Development log


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Are there still plans for another update to improve the movement?

The movement was updated about a week after the jam. Are you referring that the game is still turn based? When out of combat, steps should happen rather quickly after one another, when in combat it will slow down to give the player some visual indication of where the enemies have moved. Turning doesn't take up a "game turn".


Hrm, I have only played it in this version then and found that the movement is just not feeling good and fluent enough. The game being turn based is perfectly fine.

Here are my impressions of the game - I was about to record it in another video for the German audience and would have waited for the patch if there was another patch coming as the game description indicated. 

First of all, I really appreciate the effort you've put into those videos. Unfortunately, I don't have any plans on updating the movement in the near future. The main reason is that I wanted to recreate Doom RPG in Unity, and I had reached that scope by the time the jam ended, with a few minor updates afterwards. I am aware that movement could be faster, better interpolation could be used, but to me the incremental step feel was there, and it was enough to feel like an extension of the original game. I apologize if it feels clunky, I'll consider some alternative movement schemes for to add to the settings menu at some point in the future. Perhaps for the next dungeon crawler jam. Thanks for playing! :)

Alrighty, no worries, thanks for the reply! :)

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A few things could be added/tweaked but for something made in 1 week it's really solid. It has an interesting setting and the aesthetic works really well. The only thing I really found myself wanting was checkpoints. 😅 I would love to see it developed further post jam. 👍


Hi; just a minor thing, but would it be possible to check the box to mark your download as being "for windows" on the itch page? The Itch app won't install it without that checked (also it doesn't appear when filtering jam games by "runs on Windows").



Thanks for pointing that out! Done!

No problem, thanks for responding!

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